Hillside Medical Clinic is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 31 ratings.

Chad is an incredible provider. Truly cares and listens to his patients!! I would Highly recommend him!!
Kallie H.

Carol tanner has been my favorite doctor, I struggle w bulimia and she actually knows the right things to say when I gain weight( which is my goal) because she knows how hard it is for me. She also understands how much pain I’m in when it comes to eating , I’m also very shy and struggle w anxiety so it’s hard for me to open up to doctors but her patience and positive, sweet attitude makes it easier every time! I can honestly say she is the best family doctor I have gone to and I’m 37! Thank you so much carol !
Alexis V.

Chad is very compassionate and spends the time you need without feeling rushed
Tavonny P.

Staff were very thoughtful and nice! They didn’t just tell my what was wrong, and how to treat it, they also were able to tell me why it is happening so I can prevent it in the future. It was an excellent experience!
Christopher A.

Chad and his team are always very friendly, thorough and make sure all your questions are answered before you leave.
Sandra M.

Chad is AMAZING!!! He takes the time and effort to worry about every question.
Candice B.

Always awesome with Chad!!!!
Jason G.

As always, wonderful service with friendly staff. Chad is the best!
Carrie P.

Chad all ways take the time to listen to me , and takes very good care of my family, the nurses and staff are very helpful as well , thanks for the great care you give us.
David B.

Always a positive experience at the Hill Side Clinic.
Ivan C.

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