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Women often avoid going to the doctor for many reasons. They may not feel comfortable in a medical office environment, they may feel too busy to prioritize making a medical appointment, and more. It’s understandably difficult to find the time to prioritize women’s health care, but you owe it to yourself and your family. Working with the right family nurse practitioner at a Utah Medical Clinic can make a world of difference, and we’ll explain why.

What Is The Role Of A Family Nurse Practitioner?

One of the most underrated roles of a women’s family nurse practitioner is helping patients feel comfortable talking about any problems they may be having. Whatever your health concerns may be, whether it’s wanting to lose weight, dealing with depression or anxiety, or any other concerns, your family nurse practitioner is there for you. They provide personalized care for you and your family through all stages of life, and you can feel comfortable knowing they always have your best interests in mind.

Nurse Practitioner vs. Family Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner and a family nurse practitioner may be specialized in the same areas, but a family nurse practitioner focuses specifically on family medicine. What stands out about family nurse practitioners is they can work with your kids also, so you’ll feel even more of a personal connection with them. And as an extra bonus, you can all see the same family nurse practitioner, making all of your health concerns answered in one place. They have a unique ability to connect with people of all ages and across various specialties.

Benefits Of Trusting A Family Nurse Practitioner

When you find a family nurse practitioner you trust, you can feel safe and comfortable sharing any medical or health concerns you’re experiencing. Many medical clinics simply want to get patients in and out as quickly as possible, but that’s not how Hillside Medical Clinic works. Hillside Medical Clinic gives you the time you need to talk to your family nurse practitioner, and you will receive personalized attention in return. If your goal is to live a happier and healthier life, seek a womens health provider you can trust.

About Kristin Van Tassell, FNP At Hillside Medical Clinic

Kristin Van Tassell, FMP is board certified and has been active as a family nurse practitioner since 2014. Her most unique quality is caring passionately about her patients. She offers a full range of services, including pediatrics, wellness exams, women’s health, aesthetics, sports physicals, weight loss, and depression and anxiety. She has always had a strong passion for helping children and their families live a higher quality of life, and it shows in every interaction she has with her patients daily.

Hillside Medical Clinic and Kristen Van Tassell know some women may feel uncomfortable visiting a female doctor. Certain sensitive or personal topics can be difficult to discuss, but Kristen will ensure you feel comfortable talking to her about anything. Whether you’ve been looking for a good family nurse practitioner or if you’re considering if it’s worth it to visit one, request an appointment with Kristen Van Tassell by calling Hillside Medical Clinic today.

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